Dear Mountaineer Family

West Virginia University lives in our hearts.

It is a wonderland — both in reality and in our reflections.

Our campus landscape and buildings make up a beautiful mosaic. After being away from Morgantown for nearly 30 years, I always remembered the sights, the sounds, the people.

I remembered the charm of Woodburn Circle on a sunny, spring day … and a chilly, snow-covered one.

I remembered the roar of “Let’s Go Mountaineers” among a sea of gold-and-blue in a packed stadium.

I remembered the majestic mountains surrounding our campus, as if they were cradling and protecting us within our own perfect universe.

Those reflections led me home. Now those reflections are my daily reality.

After nearly three decades, the magnificence of our campus remains brighter than ever. It matches the warm spirit of our Mountaineer community — our students, our faculty, our staff and our alumni.

And those feelings of Mountaineer pride are even more enchanting during the holiday season.

Please take time to celebrate and reflect during this magical season.

Enjoy this holiday video, and most of all, savor the moments with your loved ones.

E. Gordon Gee Signature

E. Gordon Gee

President, West Virginia University